PROJECT H.O.P.E. (2014)

I am sharing this
on this blog also
(same as my main blog)
because after all it's all about

[image credit]

{for much more details, please read my 1st...}
of what I 
to initiate here first

but there's still
here soon


My 1st 
is for this
40 Days of Lent of 2014
until I have enough set aside to be able to
get land and build a house of
for one individual 50 yrs. old
that has never had a home
abandoned and lived on the streets
until this person gave their life to Christ

Current project
1) gather FUNDS to purchase land
2) continue saving to begin BUILDING a small house
3) give HOPE to this 50 y.o. by providing this 1st house of HOPE
4) pass this one from this new Christian sharing the Good News of HOPE

just like this


I'd like to do like this small church family here does (Amistad Familiar, where I use to go to church when I first came here) and I participated with them in some of their outreaches. You can see a vimeo of one of their ministries of building homes here. The home I HOPE to build will not be as fancy or pre-fabricated like theirs however, or done with a church team. My favorite ministry of theirs, of course, is the Children's Feeding Centers, which is more my type of outreach. They have grown to have 6 now, I believe. 

*** my 1st projected need based on others that do this here ***
actually they ask more than this plus other costs for each team member

{I'm working on getting a Donate button with a reliable fund raising site}
I know so little about this!

... so I'm still open to any suggestions ...

If this works, I'd love to share the building from the ground up 
and the testimony of this person.

who knows where God will take this first step of

maybe to build or give
to others by passing this on
like others on my

Even if you can't give, please PRAY and PASS this on to others

I need all the HELP I can get to make this HOPE dream a reality

{if you know me at all, you know I value prayers as much as financial help}



[until I get an official button]

UPDATE (Holy Week 2014): Here's the problem that I am having with a "button" like PayPal ... I am not a non-profit officially, although I am not doing this for profit and giving all donations given to the "Project Hope" away; there are fees and stuff (like reporting to IRS as income, which I don't think my spouse will like or approve, I'll have to check) ... anyways I wrote to PayPal (without signing up for an account - not knowing if I needed personal or business or Premium, and I was lost in reading all their facts, and I received a response that told me I needed to "Contact them through my account" which I was asking about (and don't have but they seemed to be indicating one)... so once again, I'm asking for anyone's help on HOW to do this? or suggestions. My intentions are honorable, I just don't have the know how ... as I look at "Donate" buttons, they all seem to be charities, non-profit ... HELP!

The progress is only mine so far and I know I can't do this on my own, nor does God ask or want me to ... 

Thanks to those of you who have indicated you'd like to DONATE! No amount is too small or insignificant, now it's just how ... 40 days of Lent means I should have figured this out by now. Don't give up on me or my
PROJECT H.O.P.E. if you've been setting money aside ... hold on and SAVE. 

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